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Soon available: VR center of expertise with lab and showroom in Eindhoven

Meeting place for students, VR-suppliers and VR-seekers

Contact us with your enquires

  For students
  • Work on interesting real-life projects
  • Practice their client contact skills
  • Work with state-of-the-art devices and software tools
  • Show their work to interested parties
  • Get help to start-up a company
  • Get internship/graduation assignments
  For VR supplier
  • Meet other VR-suppliers
  • Meet VR-seeking parties
  • Experiment with our devices
  • Show your products and specialities
  • Meet intermediaries
  • Meet VR interested students
  • Meet other knowledge institutions
  • Join periodic symposiums/meet-ups
  For industry
  • Get experts answers
  • Have prototypes created
  • Get in contact with suppliers
  • Get demo's and join VR-events
  • Meet VR interested students

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